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Email Address: romanorifle@msn.com

Email Address: romanorifle@msn.com

L. Romano Rifle Co. has a store front in Winchester VA at Fort Shenandoah i
n May & October during the N-SSA National Competition Events. All of the L. Romano Rifle custom firearms will be on display.

L. Romano Rifle Company Inc. is proud to be the maker and purveyor of the finest custom-made reproduction firearms available at any price, anywhere today.

NO BRAG  - JUST FACT   All Romano built reproduction firearms are full scale, custom made, fully functional weapons that, although beautiful enough for display, are designed to be fired and used by the discriminating collector and sportsman alike. Our firearms are meticulously crafted to be accurate to the smallest detail, and to pass the closest scrutiny by any historian, civil war enthusiast, or collector who appreciates fine historical firearms.

Member of the National Rifle Association

Member of the North-South Skirmish Association