Keen & Walker Carbine

History: The Keen & Walker carbine was manufactured in Danville Virginia , around 1862 for the Confederacy. Approximately 280 - 300 were made. To this date, there are about 25 know left to be in existence. The known 25 Carbines are either in private collections or in museums. Interestingly, the barrels for these Carbines were made on captured barrel making machines from Harpers Ferry. Some experts also believe that some of the barrels were produced at a rolling mill in Columbus, Georgia. This Carbine, with its sliding gas seal, worked as well as the Sharps Carbines. A devastating blow to the Confederate Army, was the night General Stone Wall Jackson was riding with his aides, behind his troops, and oddly enough,  shot by one of his own men, using a Keen & Walker Carbine.  Let it be known, there has never been an attempt to reproduce this firearm. The Romano Rifle Co. is the only one in the world to successfully reproduce this highly sought after Confederate Firearm. Due to the extreme rarity of this Carbine, the Romano Rifle Co. will only reproduce a limited run. 

Manufacturer: L. Romano Rifle Co.

Mechanism: Lever activated tilt-up breech.

Caliber:  .54 Paper Cartridge. Or loose powder loading

Breech: Percussion/Sliding gas seal.

Overall Length:  40 3/4".

Barrel Length:  22".

Weight:  8lbs.

Rifling: Six lands and grooves / 1 in .56 twist/ .535 diameter.

Sights: Wind adjustment fixed rear sight, Steel blade front sight.

Stock: American walnut - hand rubbed oil finish.

Fact: Approved N-SSA Firearm.

Suggested Retail Price Including All Tax: $3879.45